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Why Netsuite?

● Netsuite is the no:1 ERP Business solution ranging from an Enterprise to a start up.
● It provides a single cloud based platform to run and manage multiple business applications under one platform reducing costs and productivity.

Why Znoha?

● We offer deep industry expertise and the groundbreaking Netsuite One Methodology.
● Our Netsuite Professional services help you implement and customize Netsuite for your unique requirements.
● We offer a range of services, from strategy to implementation consulting to integration and customization support.

What products and services does Netsuite offer?

● Netsuite offers a wide range of cloud applications - Accounting/ERP, CRM, ECommerce, Financial Management etc.

How can the Netsuite License be purchased?

● The Netsuite License can be purchased directly from Netsuite with an account manager assigned.
● We would help you with anything you need to start using and keep using the system in its best way.

What are SuiteSnippets?

● We develop Suite Snippets which are commonly requested customizations or enhancements to the platform.
● We offer a library of ready to launch Snippets to address common business requirements across market verticals.

Who is a Contributor?

● A Contributor is a person who can “Create an Account '' with znoha and sell his SuiteSnippets.

What is Netsuite OpenAir?

● Netsuite OpenAir helps manage projects and resources in the best way by providing visibility into revenue and service operations in a single system helping in informed strategic decisions by using the business metrics.

System Requirements

● Netsuite releases 2 updates a year and the system will be upgraded during these releases.

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